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How to work on SDK with SAP B1 2005

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hi all,

its too urgent, if you have any information about it, kindly help me.

1. i need some details related to SDK. what are the tools needed for working on SDK with SAP B1 2005,

2. how to get the "microsoft visual studio" for writing code for there any seperate tool available with SDK for that or we have to use the general " microsoft visual studio" for VB and VC++.

3. how to work on Screen painter add-on, able to design the forms,but how and where to write the code to make it work, or is there any tool kit for generating the code.

4. pls give the link in the SAP portal for downloading the " tools and software needed for working on SDK with SAP B1 2005.

if you have any tools, software and guide files related to sdk kindly please send me to my gmail address " ".

it is very urgent, if you have any resources regarding this then kindly send me as soon as possible.



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The forum that you have posted your question in is for questions related to the SAP Business One Integration for SAP NetWeaver. Your question is SDK related and should be posted in the SAP Business One SDK Discussion forum.

That being said ... here are the answers to your questions ...

1. As far as the SDK goes, it does not provide an IDE. Since the API's are COM, then you can use any IDE that can communicate with COM objects such as VB6, VB.Net, C#, C++, etc.

2. As stated above, the SDK does not provide an IDE. You would need to purchase one or you can get a free one from Microsoft on there website such as Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition.

3. The Screen Painter is an SAP tool (independant of any IDE) that allows you to graphically create new SAP Business One looking forms and then save them to an XML format. You would then in your code use the LoadBatchActions method to load your XML form. Documentation on the Screen Painter and the LoadBatchActions method is in the SAP Business One SDK Help Center Documentation that comes with the SDK as well as there is eLearning available for the SDK on this portal as well as the SAP PartnerEdge Portal if you are an SAP Business One partner.

4. If you are an SAP Business One partner and have an "S" number, you can log into the SAP PartnerEdge Portal and then under SAP Business One and "Installations & Updates" you can download the SAP Business One product as the SDK installation is part of the overall installation package. If you are not a partner you would need to contact your local SAP Business One sales representative.

Other tools available that work with the SAP Business One SDK are located on the SDN Portal under this link ...

[original link is broken]



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