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How to view the cancelled/deleted sales order?

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Hi SAP Gurus

I there any T.code/Table to view the cancelled or deleted sales order.

I am not able to view the order even in VA03.



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Answers (4)

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Dear Sushmitha,

T. Code: SE16

Key-in -

Table: CDHDR - Change Document Header.

Table: CDPOS - Change Document Items.

and "Enter". On to next page, Key-in

Field: Change doc. object (OBJECTCLAS) as VERKBELEG

Field: Transaction Code as VA02

Field: Appl.obj.change, as D - Delete, and execute (F8).

Then you will get object values (sales orders) and document numbers. Pass these two values along with objectclas: VERKBELEG) to table CDPOS to get more details about these deleted orders.

Also, Go to -

T. Code: SE38,

and execute Report: RVSCD100.

Enter Sales Document Number and Execute. This will provide information, who deleted the order.

Best Regards,


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It works, thank you

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Hi Sushmitha ,

If the sales order is rejected we can find in table VBAP,field name ABGRU.

Or else

Go to SE16 specify input the table CDHDR there Appl.obj.change specify D then it will give the list of deleted orders you can also specify the date range aslo.

Same way for CDPOS



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Hi Sushmitha,

You cant view the cancelled sales order thats why it is advisable to put the reason for rejection so that you can view the order later.

What you can do is Check the tables CDHDR and CDPOS.

In CDPOS table put VERKBELEG for "Change doc. object" and VA02 for "Transaction Code" and SO Number of the deleted SO in "Object value". You will get Date & Time of Deletion.


Rishi Balani

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Hi Giridhar,

Pls try tables CDPOS and CDHDR to see the deleted sales order.


Anitha J