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How to view deleted pricing condition records in SAP S4 Public cloud?

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Hi all,

We have deleted pricing conditions records and modified tables, we want to view the condition records set for deletion. 

In v/06 we have maintained - Set deletion flag option.

In Manage prices app we tried filter Release status = Request Deletion but we are unable to view records set for deletion. In Set service prices app, we can only view one condition record. But we want to view all condition records those are set for deletion. 

Next issue is to delete all these condition records from database. How can we achieve this with current settings (as mentioned above). We doesn't want to change the V/06 settings but want to delete the condition records marked for deletion from database. 

Appreciate your contributions on these issues.



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Not sure on public cloud..Please try this program RV16ACHD in SE38 & check..