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How to validate infotype enchancment

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I have done the enhacement using smod - PBAS0001 EXIT_SAPFP50M_002.

I have written a code in include ZXPADU02 for a particular wage type not allowed for specified employee subgroup. I have activated the included.

Please let me know how to check this validation(means which Tcode i have to use to see the validation).

******code start***

data: i0008 like p0008.

data: c_M010(4) value 'M010'.

Message s016(rp) with INNNN-infty.


WHEN '0008'.

Move INNNN-infty to i0008.

if i0008-lga01 eq c_M010

and ipsyst-persk = 'N1'.

Message e016(rp) with i0008-lga01. "raising error_occurd.



**********code end*********

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Answers (2)

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Hi Aditya,

Looking at the code, you are assuming always LGA01 will have value M010, you might have to use DO statement to check M010 value for all LGAnn fields of P0008.


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Since this is related to iT0008, you can put a breakpoint at the code in the user exit. Use trx code PA30 for any employee, change IT0008, make some changes & see if it reaches the user exit code.

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Hi Rajesh,

In PA30 i am able to assign a wage type which i have mention in code, it is saving the entries.

Not coming to my break point.



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Hi Aditya,

Where did you put the breakpoint? Pl put it at your IF statement and check the values of PERSK & LGART. You are on the right track to accomplish your reqt and this exit does get trigered when making infotype changes via PA30.


Suresh Datti