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How to use two different costing sheet for one Project while calculation Overhead

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Our company is into services industry, we do contracts which are T&M, FFP & Cost Plus. Currently they are using custom rate tables to achieve this. As our business is growing we want to move to standard functionality using costing sheet as maintaining rate tables becoming huge nightmare. Could you guys please let us know how can we achieve this?

Is there a way where we can maintain two costing sheets for one project?(I know this is not possible but what I mean is when we are doing planning on the project we got CJ46 to calculate Overhead where we give version. Let's say if I use different version can I tell system to use different costing sheet other than which is maintained in WBS element. If so can you tell me how to achieve this?

Reason why I am asking this is we have two division one is accounting and other is services division. Accounting wants to see project cost at actual cost where as services dept wants to see at bid price (Ex: Overhead in Accounting sheet is 100%, Overhead in Services Dept will be 150%(Bid Price)).

Appreciate your help and points will be awarded accordingly.



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As per standard SAP, you can only assign one Costing sheet at a time. So two costing sheets at a time is not possible. But you may have to change as per your rquirement.

But that should be fulfilling the leagal policies and audit requirements since the overhead rates may vary.