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How to use services from a Contract agreement in Subcontracting for MRO Processes?

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I am trying to set up the system to use the Subcontrating for MRO Processes functionality using services from contract agreements.

Our scenario is the following:

A- We have service contract agreements with service providers.

B- We send broken items to those service providers and they repair them, by performing some of the services for wich we have the contract agreements.

C- We receive the repaired items back, and pay the service provider for the work, consuming from the contract agreements.

I already managed to get the entire process working, but entering services by hand in the Externally Processed Subcontracting operation.

Problem is, I can't use services from Contract Agreements, I always get an error saying that the position type F is not compatible with the PR position.

I also tried creating a Contract agreement with a Subcontracting position, and entering services in that position (SAP let me enter services in a subcontracting position, unlike in a normal material position). However, when I try to use that contract in the operation, I get the same error.

Is it possible to use services from a Contract agreement within a subcontracting operation, in a refurbishment order?

Thanks a lot,


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