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How to use SAPCAR?

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Dear Experts,

I tried to use SAPCAR.exe to extract *.SAR files but somehow it appeared an error message, which it seems like it tried to extract from SAPCAR.exe file itself as well.

I tried many ways, such as follows:-

I pasted the sapcar.exe in the same directory where all the *.sar files located.

I used the following options.

sapcar -xvf *.sar

It extracted all the files in alphabetical order till the letter "s", which it also tried to extract from sapcar.exe. Therefore, the rest of the files, after "s" were not extracted.

I did try to use the following option too.

sapcar -xvf *.sar -R d:\patch file (I use the sapcar.exe from different directory than the directory where all *.sar files located).

But still not working, maybe I used the wrong switch.

Does anyone knows the right way of using SAPCAR?



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How to extract SAR  file For Windows:



1. Download the required .sar files.

2. Download the SAPCAR exe from the SAP market place.

3. Then create a new folder(e.g C:/HANA/SAR) and then copy SAPCAR exe file in it along with the other .sar files from default download folder.

4. Rename the SAPCAR exe filename(For example: I have renamed it from SAPCAR_721-20010453.EXE to SAPCAR.EXE)

5. Go to command prompt,and then go to the folder.location(i,e C:/HANA/SAR - This folder is having SAPCAR exe file in it along with the other .sar files)

6. Type sapcar -xvf and then the full file name and press enter.Please see below example:

Example: C:\HANA\SAR>sapcar -xvf IMDB_CLIENT100_112_5-10009664.SAR press enter

(Where "IMDB_CLIENT100_112_5-10009664.SAR" is the file name)

7. It will extact required files from SAR package.

  Output Message: SAPCAR: 65 file(s) extracted



Gobinda R Sharma

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I just tried with this option.

In the same directory where sapcar and sar files are located, I did try the following option. I did it one file by one file but still the same.

sapcar -xvf sapexe_117-10005992.sar

It extracted all the files in the content in alphabetic order, but one reach the letter "S", it pop up the following message,

SAPCAR : Could not open for writing sapcar.exe (error 28)

The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

By the way, I also got another error message, when I tried to extract from another file, sapexedb_117-10005992.sar. It appeared this message, "processing archive SAPEXEDB_117-10005995.sar format error in header"

Does anyone knows what went wrong?



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Try to extract the .SAR files by giving the path of SAPCAR.exe.

For example place the .SAR file in a folder named E:DOWNLOAD.

Now goto E:DOWNLOAD and then the Uncar command would be like F:/sapmnt/SID/exe/sarcar.exe -xvf *.SAR.



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thanks Nirmal..

I've worked around many options and finally, I managed to solve by first, create a temporary directory, say d:\temp and goto the directory where all the SAR files located together with the SAPCAR.exe (latest one, as I downloaded), and used the following command.

sapcar -xvf *.sar -R d:\temp

sometime, it may not work with very well if tried to extract all at one time. therefore, I got to extract one by one.

I hope this will help those who are facing the same problem like mine.



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Thank you so much! The temporary directory helped!