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How to use Revision Level to segregate inventory of a material and use accordingly in production ?

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Hello Community,

Our customer is using revision levels (material index) to track technical evolution of materials.

On S/4hana cloud public, we are wondering how to achieve this using the standard Revision Level function which does not seem to have any impact on any process (purchasing, production & planning, inventory receipts or shipments, stock management). Is it only an information that cannot be leveraged at any point?

We have considered using batches but this would require important changes for the new field creation and dislay on every single relevant areas/business objects. Also products that are not batch-managed cannot use this solution (e.g.: small screws).

For the record, I found this simliar question which is not very recent so I'm try anyway (

Thanks in advance for your inputs, thoughts or experiences.


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Hello @adrien_delanoe 

As far as I know, my old answer to the question you have found is still valid. You can't use revision levels to manage stock.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski

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Hello Dominik, that's too bad, thank you for your answer anyways!