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how to use oms9

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Dear all,

Can anyone plz tell me how to use the tcode OMS9 step by step.actually i want to make some fields in MM01 mandatory.i am not able to understand what to do in sel group that is how to select the fields.becasue in every selection group multiple fields come and then if i make it mandatory,all those fields will become mandatory

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Dear Rahul

In this IMG (OMS9) activity you create and maintain field references. You can see where a field reference is used by choosing Where-Used List.

1.) Changing the field selection options for a field selection group:

=> Specify the field selection group.

=> Select the field selection option (hide, display, required entry, or optional entry) for each field selection group as required.

=> Save your data.

2.) Creating a field reference:

=> Choose "New Entries".

=> Specify a field reference beginning with Y or Z.

=> Select the field selection option for each field selection group as required.

=> Save your data.


G. Lakshmipathi

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Hi Rahul,

Go to OMS9

select ur field( In field selection group) and maintain required entry ( Display/optional etc.

To trasfer field from one field selection group to another Go to OMSR

you want to change field selection in material master.

MM-> IMG->Logistics General->Material Master>field selection>Assign field selection group->Maintain Field selection for data screen

First you select which field you want to mandatory take that fields technical name.

then go to Customization as given path.

if you give me brief i can help you out more.

Thank you .



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Dear Ramana,

I will get back to you at the earliest after.Plz keep a watch on this thread