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How to use movement type123 with MIGO? Please help!

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Hi experts,

Can somebody tell me the steps to use movement type 123 in MIGO transaction?

Please help.



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Answers (3)

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Movement type 123 is nothing but reversal of movement type 122.

Lets say you have received 100 pcs of a certain material through 101 movement for some reason you want to return 10 pcs to the in MIGO you have to process return to vendor wrt the original MIGO (101) document...during this procedure the system will acknowledge movement type 122.

Now for some reason lets say you have done some entry mistake for 122 movement you have to cancel the 122 movement material document...either you can do this through MBST or Cancellation in MIGO wrt the material document created during 122 movement type....during this process system will determine automatically movement type 123.



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movement type 122 is material return to vendor

movement type 123 is reverse of the above

If you create the document of 122 movement type, then you can make reverse using 123.

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cancellation of 122 movement type will automatically post for 123 ie reversal of returns to vendor.

So in MIGO select cancellation and give the material document of 122 and post it, which will automatically post 123 and bring back the material in to stock.