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How to USE EDI 820 in place of EDI 823

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Our bank informed us that they will not transmit EDI 823 anymore, but just forward the EDI 820 transmitted by customer.

I'm still waiting for the full details from the business. Meanwhile I would like to understand If we can use SAP PI to combine all the EDI 820s sent by bank and process once into SAP system.

Do we need to combine all the EDI 820's and process all of them together or process each EDI 820 individually into SAP system?

If PI has to read EDI 820 or EDI 823 , which adapters can I use to load payment information into SAP system?

What is the recommended process (in b/w EDI 820 and EDI 823) to update the customer payment information into SAP system?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Rao,

You will have to use the B2B Toolkit and the adapter is EDISeparator.

QUE: Did the bank send EDI820 or EDI823 file?

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The below link regarding EDI 820 might be useful.

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