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how to use ECC6/S4Hana ME51N / ME21N catalog function

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Hi All,

understand that SRM7-mdm can provide the solution where user click the catalog button, it will send them to the srm-mdm for catalog selection from multi vendors for their materials and services.

however, we are not going to use srm-mdm solutions, so what's the other options available where user can choose the materials and services and have the info pass back to SAP with their material/service master data and the relevant contract maintained in sap?

is there any heavy customization like abap that needs to be done for this, i tried searching around and didn't found any answers, most recommend to use srm-mdm instead.

please help and thanks alot.

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there is no MDM etc. you have to use the x-catalog-search....

simply set up an internal catalog as a dummy in the web services, e.g. "InternalCatalog".

then use "manage catalog items" to create your internal catalogue

make sure to activate the ESH for x-catalog search and use the "search" field in the app above.

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What do u mean by Activate the ESH for X catalog ..: can you tell me the path

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tx ESH_COCKPIT > Button: Modeler > Software component: SAPAPPLH > MM > MM_PUR > MM_PUR_REQ

Choose action Create connector for each of these search templates

MM_PUR_CTLG_SRHSearch Results Model (Catalog Item Main Data)

MM_PUR_CTLG_ATTCHImages and Attachments



MM_PUR_CTLG_PRC_CONConverted Price Data (Prices in Different Exchange Rates)


tx SM37, wait for background job to finish

Tx ESH_TEST_SEARCH and check connectors above