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How to update the actual GI date on outbound delivery using Idoc

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I'm looking for a solution on how to update the actual GI date (WADAT_IST) on the outbound delivery using Idoc.

The Co. use a non-sap warehouse system that send the picking and goods issue information using a 945.

Currently we update the pick quantities and post the goods issue, but always using current date for posting.

We need to use the delivery date send in the 945 to drive the actual posting date of the goods issue. We're encountering issues with deliveries shipped on the last day of the month, which are received and processed next day in SAP. The actual delivery occurred on the last day of the month, but SAP is using the current date (first day of the new month) to do the posting.

We're using DELVRY03 / Message type SHPCON.

I tried segment E1EDT13 with qualifier 006: Goods Issue, but it didn't work.

Any suggestions or ideas on which segment / qualifier I can use to update the actual GI date (WADAT_IST)?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hm, it looks like that segment should've worked...




WHEN '006'.



Did you put the date in the right field (ISDD) and did you try debugging this?

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Jelena, thanks for your reply.

Yes, I used segment E1EDT13 with qualifier '006' and field ISDD. No I haven't debug...

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Jelena, it did work. I overlooked the fact that I was missing something else in the Idoc (batch number).

Thanks for your confirmation.

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