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How to update Profit Center in S/4HANA with SOAP service profitcentrereplicationbulkreq?

Dear community,

I am trying to update profit centers using the following SOAP API:

SAP Documentation

My communication arrangements are all setup and calls made from SoapUI reach the S/4HANA Message Dashboard. Within the dashboard, we see the error message: Profit Center already exists from 05/18/2020 to 12/31/2030.

Clearly, S/4HANA thinks I want to create the Profit Center, but in fact I want to update the existing one.

The sent payload is as follows:

<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="">
      <ns3:ProfitCentreReplicationBulkRequest xmlns:ns3="">
            <ProfitCentre actionCode="04" nameListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="false" companyAssignmentListCompleteTransmissionIndicator="true">
               <ID>A00099999</ID> <- Area code + profit center ID
                  <Name languageCode="EN">English Name</Name>
                  <Description languageCode="EN">English Description</Description>
                  <CompanyID>4000</CompanyID> <- our actual company code is different
                  <FormattedName>Kevin Dekker</FormattedName>

When I do not send one of the nodes 'ResponsibleManager, CompanyAssignment, or SegmentAssignment' I get the notification in the message dashboard: "not all required fields are filled". Another indication that the API expects me to create a new rather than update an existing profit center. I have tried to leave out the action code and filling it with a space, resulting in the same error: "profit center already exists from ..."

The same method / message structure worked for me with cost center updates. I must be doing something wrong, but haven't found out what it is.

Does anyone know how to update a profit center using this S/4HANA SOAP API?

Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Kevin,

I am sure you may have come to a conclusion, but strange enough, as of 2108.1 release, this is not possible, I vaguely remember this was available in the past( back to 1808 release and prior) but I request to raise an influence/improvement request to have them back although this may be already under consideration for SAP Product Development.

Hope to have better solution in the near future!


Amith Nair

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