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How to transfer the asset

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How to Transfer the asset from one division to other division, we have two divisions one P&YE other one

EPCM , Which is going to be closed, Ineed to transfer the EPCM Asset to P&YE.

I tried this scenaro with T/CODE: ABUMN, But i am not able to transfer.

Pl. tell me what are the parameters i have to give to execute this tranaction.



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Answers (4)

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To transfer asset from one plant to another plant (within the company code). Please try once by go to AS02 and in time depenedent data click on more intervals there also you can change the location of the asset.

Hope this will help you,



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ABUMN is used with in Company Code ie from one Business Area to another.

ABT1N is used for Inter Company Asset Transfer.

In Asset Transfer with in Company Code ABUMN , if these two divisions P&YE and EPCM are Business Areas.

give asset No , Doc date , posting data , asset val date and text.

select new asset radio button

give description and asset class.

select master data button

give business area

select Additional data button

give capitalized on date

select Depreciation Areas tab

enter the values and enter and select back arrow and save.

asset will be created.

70 Asset debited in P&YE Business Area

75 Asset credited in EPCM Business Area

70 Acc. Dep debited in EPCM Business Area

75 Acc. Dep credited in P&YE Business Area

In Inter Company asset Transfer ABT1N if these two divisions P&YE and EPCM are Company Codes.

P&YE 75 Business Area Acquisition A/C Asset No Amount

P&YE 70 Business Area Acc Dep A/C Asset No Amount

P&YE 40 Business Area Asset Sale A/CNo Assetsale A/C Amount

EPCM 70 Business Area Acquisition A/C Intern 00001 0000 Amount

EPCM 50 Business Area Acquisition A/C InterCompanyClearing Amount

for this you have to maintain Acquisition from Affiliated Company and Contra account: Acquisition Value G/L A/C's in AO90



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HI Venkat,

Solved the issue, I tested it is ok.

Thanks alot.



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T.Code ABUMN for transfer.

Give old asset Code

document Date

Posting Date

Asset Value Date

Put the radio button to New Asset Click on Master Data & create a new asset with plant & cost Center that you wanna trasfer asset to.

then simulate & save.



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Can u tell be is this transfer within company code ?



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HI Deepa,

Asset transfer with in company code from one division to other division.