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How to transfer Line Items

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How to transfer Line Items from One GL account to another GL account.

We, at the time of changing Non Open Item Manged account to Open Item Manged account, how can we transfer Line items to make this GL account Zero, If suppose line items are more than 200.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you are attempting to change the account from Non Open Item managed, you need to make the account balance zero. The change will be be effective only for future transactions. You need not transfer all line items, find the balance and make an entry to debit or credit to make it zero, to a temporary account. Later, once you have activated, you can reverse that transaction.

The OSS 606977 refered may be helpful if you are looking for reverse activation. i.e from Open to Non Open. Here is a brief:


In the G/L account master record, you can activate/deactivate the 'Open item management' indicator if the balance of the account is zero. In this case, the system does not check whether postings exist on the account.

If postings exist, this could lead to problems, for example, if the clearing is reversed after the change to the indicator is made.

Other terms

FS00, FS02, FSS0, FS02, FH190, XOPVW

Reason and Prerequisites

The transactions for the maintenance of the G/L account master record did not check whether postings exist on the account. Now the program checks whether postings exist in the current year or previous two fiscal years.


Implement the attached correction or import the corresponding Support Package. Since it could make sense to change an account with balance zero from open item managed to non-open item managed (and vice versa) - despite postings to the account - the message is delivered as customizable (with error as a default setting).

The check is also carried out, when open-item management is activated, is postings exist on the account.

If you implement the note you must also carry out the following:

Use Transaction SE91 to create message 190 in message class FH with the following text:

Account balance = 0; however, postings exist on the account

Use Transaction SM30 to insert the following entry into view T100S:

Application area FH

MsgNo 190

Allowed EW

Standard E

Afterwards, the message can be customized in View V_T100C. To do this, you can use Transaction OBA5.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Check the OSS note 606977.

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can you put it here.


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hi Satish,

there is no automatic way for that in standard, you either do it manually or let develop a program for that.

hope this helps