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How to sync all equipment into Asset Manager

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Dear Experts,

We are currently using Asset Manager 2005. I am able to sync all objects. However, for equipment it did not sync all records. Looks like it only sync those with work orders. And when I try to sync only the equipment screen only, the number of records will be reduced. Is there a config that states to sync all or partial? I have done my filter config. Thank you

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Dear davidcskong.

I do not have the solution but if you have reached this point I know you can help me.

I am implementing SAM 1911, I got to deploy the application in SAP Asset Manager Client, but I only have the list of Functional Locations, could you tell me about the configuration steps that you did after the application was deployed (I have already done everything indicated in the installation guide ). Now, I'm in the configuration guide, but I still can't get it to list the teams, notifications and work orders, is there something missing in the tx: / syclo / configpanel? Maybe if we both support each other we can achieve our goal.

I really appreciate your help and if looking at other blogs I find something about your mistake I will write to you.

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Hi Jose,

What error did you get in the SCPms? Below is the SCPms Log screen and also user paramater in SAP backend like plant WRK = your plant to view data.

Is the app even syncing?

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user parameter

log from scpms

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Thanks you, it was a great help.

We do not get the data from WO and the Notifications. On the other hand, I have a problem with the offline: "App update failed, will roll back to previous metada definitions. Offline Odata initializaion Failde."

I tried expanding the space, but it gives me the same error:

Finally, regarding your problem, I have managed to filter the teams from the odata, but you have to consider the information of the module.