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How to specify batch in Subcontracting PO GR?

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Hi Gurus,

A batch is created for the initial stock of 10 EA.

A subcontracting PO is created for 1 EA.

Components are issued.

When doing GR, batch is required. I tried the original batch and a manually created batch. Neither of them works.

Leave batch field blank and let system generate batch no. and still got the same error message.

Enter Batch

Message no. M7018


You have not entered a value in field "Batch" although an entry in this field is mandatory.

Please kindly help me understand what is wrong.

Many thanks,


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You have specified a batch for a product being received from the subcontractor, but have you specified a batch for the component being consumed? Notice that you have two items in the material document. Make sure batches are specified for both items.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Sunil Patil,

Thank you.

1. Today I specified batch for components in PO.

2. Did good issue of component in ME2O with Mvt 541

3.Checked classification of batch for components

4. I can not do GR for the PO

Please kindly help.


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Hello Sally,

I just run the scenario in test system and I am able to post PO GR in existing Batch.

What you can do: 1. Check Batch classification data in material master 2. Batch class-023 and required class charactrics should be assigned.

Thanks and Best regards

Sunil Patil