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how to set dynamic date in variant

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I'm going to create a variant for report RBDAPP01, I want to set the create on date dynamically, create on from should be one day before current day, to should be currently day, how to create this variant?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I executed the same report (RBDAPP01) , then click on save variant and follow the steps as per the below screen shot. Select Created on Record and select required field and selection variant as X then name of the variable as Current date -1.


Raja Sekhar

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Dear Sekhar,

Please explain your answer, while we can seen various option are given or field given.



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Hi Rakesh,

As sekhar explained, select options using F4 on date selection.

There will be options like current date - days , current days + days , first day of current month, last date of current month like vise.

Eg. Time evaluation should be run for 3 month back with ref to current date.

Hence, select current date - days option using F4. Then system will ask for days. There we provided 90 days (3 Months).

So if current date is 07/09/2014 then system will run from 7/6/2014 ( 90 Days ).

Hope this will clear.

Please let me know if further details required.

Best Regards,


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