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How to send BPCodes from Internal Reconciliation to Journal Entry.

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Hi Expert

Please kindly help our programmer as the customers want to make a Journal Entry through the internal reconciliation by selecting several Business Partners and group several invoices by paying one total amount.

It is not convenience to make an incoming payment as this function can do only one Business Partner at a time.

The requirements of process are as follows:

1. One Sale man will go to collect the payments from several customers which they will pay for several invoices. When Sale man collect all the payments from these Business Partners, which he will submit in one lump sum of the total payment to the Finance.

2. The user in Finance will go to Internal Reconciliation screen and tick with Business Partner, which they can select several Business Partners that have already paid to this sale man.

3. All the invoices from these group of Business Partners will be displayed, then the Finance user can select all the paid Invoices, but they need to post the total lump sum to Bank account.

4. The user need all the entries make to these Business partners should be populated to the screen of Journal Entry without keying in as they may be many transactions involved.

5. Our programmer tried to do it but it seems the entry do not recognize the Business Partner Codes as it will display the error message show in Red Color as No matching records found u2018G/L Accountsu2019 (OACT) (ODBC-2020) [Message 131-103]. Please see the attached file above.

Please kindly advise what to do so that we can post through the Journal Entry by Business Partner Codes and the total amount of each Business partner can be populated to Journal Entry automatically.

Thanks & regards.,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Julie.,

For DTW we can do it. But i would like to do it by SDK(add -on).

Thanks for your respond.


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To post a journal entry to a Business Partner using DTW you populate the account column with the control account code and populate the shortname field with the BP Code