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How to see the backlog sales!

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I need to know the open items in sales order, which are not yet delivered or rejected for some reasons and want to measure the backlogs business interems of money and quantity.

for that i am using VA03 Tcode in R/3.

Is there any option in this VA03 screen which would give you the details like price of the each item, number of items ordered, number of items delivered and number of items not delivered against the sales order number?

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Answers (5)

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VA05 is the tcode for list of open orders. The output itself will give u the item quantity, net value of the document etc.

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Hi mate

In VA02 check the doc flow button next to list of orders


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use the transaction code VA05, SELECT the order and double click it to get the detials of that order.

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check va05 check radio button open sales order and put ur selection criteria.

U will get the list of sales order with open item

Hope this help

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Check tcode VA05

Some of the Standard reports in SD are:

Sales summary - VC/2

Display Customer Hierarchy - VDH2

Display Condition record report - V/I6

Pricing Report - V/LD

Create Net Price List - V_NL

List customer material info - VD59

List of sales order - VA05

List of Billing documents - VF05

Inquiries list - VA15

Quotation List - VA25

Incomplete Sales orders - V.02

Backorders - V.15

Outbound Delivery Monitor - VL06o

Incomplete delivery - V_UC

Customer Returns-Analysis - MC+A

Customer Analysis- Sales - MC+E

Customer Analysis- Cr. Memo - MC+I

Deliveries-Due list - VL04

Billing due list - VF04

Incomplete Billing documents - MCV9

Customer Analysis-Basic List - MCTA

Material Analysis(SIS) - MCTC

Sales org analysis - MCTE

Sales org analysis-Invoiced sales - MC+2

Material Analysis-Incoming orders - MC(E

General- List of Outbound deliveries - VL06f

Material Returns-Analysis - MC+M

Material Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC+Q

Variant configuration Analysis - MC(B

Sales org analysis-Incoming orders - MC(I

Sales org analysis-Returns - MC+Y

Sales office Analysis- Invoiced Sales - MC-E

Sales office Analysis- Returns - MC-A

Shipping point Analysis - MC(U

Shipping point Analysis-Returns - MC-O

Blocked orders - V.14

Order Within time period - SD01

Duplicate Sales orders in period - SDD1

Display Delivery Changes - VL22

Apart from this you can get all the status for item from VBUP table.Input sales order number here

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Amrish Purohit

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