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How to search SAP for Inspection Lots with a specific User Status and extract the data

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Does anyone know if there is a Function Module or BAPI that can be uses to run a background job to find all inspection lots that are set to a specific User Status.

Example:  We have many user status's setup under a status profile (ZQL00001).  I want to be able to run a background job that can go out and find any Inspection Lots that have a status of "MOLD" etc...  I then want to export this to an output file and save it as an xml or csv format.  Our production lines want to track the number of lots that get produced through each of the status's shown in yellow below.  If their is a way of extracting the data from SAP then we can use a large monitor / TV to display the data as it is processed at each of our production lines.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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This is stdn SAP solution where you use layouts and variants for such specific reporting requirement.

Another way is to use Selection profile  where you assigned the specific status and use this profile in QA32 for retrieving the data.

Use QA32/33 and create your layout and execute the same no specific development or customization required.


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Hello Darrin,

You can create a Query in SQVI by joining the 3 tables- QALS, JCDS and TJ30T.

  1. First put the lot in QALS table and get object number- OBJNR.
  2. Now put the OBJNR in JCDS table and get STAT.
  3. Pass the STAT and STSMA = "use status" (ZQL00001 in this case) in TJ30T table and get the user status for the lots.

Hope it helps



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Hi Darrin,

Have you tried the option of selection profile?

I think using selection profile you can do this.

Create selection profile with required status in QA32,then create a variant for QA32.

You can run this variant in background and get the list of required lots.