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How to run RFWT0020 to update withholding tax data


Can anyone explain the difference between these two options when running RFWT0020 to update withholding tax data? Data Regeneration vs. Changes to Source Tax Code? I can't find any mention of the two options in the program documentation

When I do test runs with the two different options, the program is selecting difference documents to update. If we are just turning on the 1099 functionality now (beginning with the 2011 tax year), should I run the program once with Regeneration mode and once with Changes to Source Tax Code???

Thanks for any advice!


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he program enables the withholding tax code to be changed for reconciled and open items with existing withholding tax data. For this, the tax rate of the existing withholding tax data as well as the tax rate of the new withholding tax code must be 0%. The new withholding tax codes are taken from the customer or vendor master data. In the case of extended withholding tax, the withholding tax code is only changed if the related withholding tax categories are the same. The withholding tax base amount is not changed by this procedure.

Recreating or changing the withholding tax data requires that the program first be executed for invoices and then executed for payments in a subsequent step.

When you start the program, the selection screen appears. You can make selections according to vendors, tax code 1, tax code 2 (vendor master record), customers, tax code 1, tax code 2 (customer master record), company codes, document numbers and posting data. The selection determines which items are checked for possible subsequent entries in tables BSEG, BSAK, BSIK, BSAD, BSID, WITH_ITEM.

You can also decide whether only withholding tax data is to be handled for cases where the documents in question contain no withholding tax data. There is no withholding tax data if no withholding tax entries exist for the item selected in table WITH_ITEM (extended withholding tax) or the die withholding tax fields in table BSEG are not filled.

The selection can also be made in test mode. If you do this, no changes are made in the database. You are therefore advised to run the program in test mode initially.