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How to revert from fixed to plan the status of a flow

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Hi experts:

Client has wrongly set V245 impairment flow as not relevant for posting.  So I can see it via TPM13 with F status but obviously not in TPM20.

It has been fixed (but not updated to Fi) 2 years ago. Now the security has been sold and they are getting a difference in the Assets Account and in the P&L final result which is equal to the V245 amount. So client want to post this old flow now.

They do not want to post it directly via a Fi transaction like FB01 (they want integrity between TPM20 and all the Fi documents coming from TRM)

They do not want to reverse all the flows from 2 years ago till now (valuations and many others)


Is there any transaction to change the status of a flow from fixed to plan and if so which one to post it later.

If not any other solution will be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Hi Claudio,

I don't think there is a transaction in the User menu, where you are able to control if Update type is relevant for posting or not - this is purely Customising setting.

I believe in such situation your Customer should choose the least 'bad' solution out of 2 available - to correct manually what was not posted or posted incorrectly at some point. Another argument for that this is also a rather regular procedure in accounting, when you correct errors of closed periods or do some adjustments due to changes in Accounting principles.

otherwise reversing of all the flows of the respective Security for period of more than 2 years makes no sense in my opinion, as I believe all financial results of these previous periods are already provided to receivers - I suggest you consult auditors how to handle that kind of situation.

Kind regards,