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How to retrieve image stored in DMS (Document Management System)to display on Fiori Apps

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I am new to Fiori ,I have a requirement to display an  image as thumbnail on Fiori  Apps .I have created a document in CV01N .I tried using  CVAPI_DOC_VIEW but this opens the image in image viewer.I also used  C_DESK_DOC_GET_URL  which internally calls SDOK_PHIO_GET_URL_FOR_GET to get the URL but the URL it returns is SAPR3://SAPR3CMS/get/001/DMS_5FC1/FA163EDF73161EE58DB6A68453C5D7B8/images.jpg  .I have no idea how to use this URL to display the image on Fiori App.


1.Is my approach correct to store the image in DMS and use it on Fiori App?

2.How to retrieve the image stored  in DMS and display on fiori app,explanation with piece of code will be really helpful?



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Hi Sujeet,

I searched for useful Fiori related information as this is one of the first tickets on Fiori and DMS. During this search I found the app catalogue which can be accessed at .

Here I think that the following apps could be useful for you:

- Document Info Record:

- Document Info Record Structure:

I hope that this information could be useful for you.

Best regards,


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Hi Christoph,

Thanks for your reply,my requirement is to get the image from the content server via browser using HTTP URL to use it in UI. I  used the function

SDOK_PHIO_GET_URL_FOR_GET  which has two importing parameters



                object_id                                  = lf_phio


*         CLIENT                                         = SY-MANDT

*              standard_url_only                    = 'X'


*         URL_LIFETIME                            =


               urls                            = lt_url

               document_url           = lf_doc_url


               not_existing           = 1

               not_authorized       = 2

               no_content             = 3

               bad_storage_type  = 4

               no_urls_available   = 5

               OTHERS                = 6.


when I use this  lt_url  gives SAP internal URL which cannot be used in browser whereas lf_doc_url  gives HTTP url . When i use this http url in browser it shows 'SSF error: Decoding not possible'  . I even used CALL_BROWSER function to call lf_doc_url but still the same error appears.

Can you please guide me how can i get the image from DMS through the browser so that i can consume in my UI.


Sujeet .

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Hi Sujeet,

Can you try using the FM CV120_DOC_CHECKOUT_VIEW  to get the HTTP link for the attached document,Also let us know the result.

Please refer the below link for more reference.