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How to retire asset by using custom-defined transaction type

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Dear AA experts

In order to convert from fixed asset to inventory, I'd like to charge to contra account as of retirement such as

Dr. Accumulated depreciation 90

      Suspence account(G/L) 10

Cr. Asset(A/A) 100

(After this process, I plan to recognize inventory by T-cd:MIGO like Dr.Inventory 10, Cr.Suspence account 10)

I want to use different account other than normal retirement gain or loss account for asset.

So, in this case,

1. Do you know which T-cd should I use? ABNK?

2. For this, which T-cd in SPRO should I use to create new transaction type in order to setup suspence account.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Yoshitada,

Do Asset sale without customer vide ABAON by choosing Rev from NBV.

It will hit the clearing account you have defined in Retirement account assignment of T ocde AO90.

After that you could transfer to Inventory account.

Hope it solves.



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It seems ok.


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