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How to restrict user for report FMRP_RW_BUDCON for fund center

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Hi Experts

My requirement is that - How can i restrict a user for a particular fund center for report FMRP_RW_BUDCON, So that he can view the report FMRP_RW_BUDCON of a particular fund center only.

Kindly let me know the authorization object or some thing else for this purpose.

your valuable input will be highly appriciated.



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Answers (2)

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It is possible to create the new custom report to call this tranaction passing all the paramters forBudget overview. The custom table with company code, Funds center, User id can be maintained and can be added into the custom reports which submits this transaction FMRP_RW_BUDCON.

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You have first to create authorization groups for each fund center and then configure the field related to authorization groups of fund center, in the F_FMBU_ACC object.

The authorization groups are created through transactions like FMSA or FMSB, inserting a value in the Authorization Group field. The SAP only starts to check authorization for a fund center when you insert a value in this field.

In this case, to restrict the access to a particular fund center, you will need to create a specific group center, containing only this fund center.

After creating this group, you will notice that a authorization in the F_FMBU_ACC object will be requested to access the data related to this particular fund center.

In this link you will find more information about restrictions for fund centers.


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Give a try for F_FICA_CTR. I think this should work. (The documentation of the object says so). If not, try any of below:

OBJECT Area Description

F_FICA_CCT FI Funds Management, Cross-Funds Center

F_FICA_CTR FI Funds Management Funds Center

F_FICA_CVE FI Funds Management: Cover Eligibility

F_FICA_EAL FI Funds Management: Collective Expenditure

F_FICA_FCD FI Funds Management Fund

F_FICA_FOG FI Funds Management: Authorization Group of Fund

F_FICA_FSG FI Funds Management: Authorization Group for Funds Center

F_FICA_FTR FI Funds Management FM Account Assignment

F_FICA_KDR FI Funds Management: Account Assignment Derivation

F_FICA_KDS FI Maintain Strategy of FM Account Assignment Derivation

F_FICA_SEG FI Funds Management: Authorization Group for All Funds Centers

F_FICA_SIG FI Funds Management: Authorization Group Internal Funds Centers

F_FICA_TRG FI Funds Management: Authorization Groups of FM Acct Assignment

F_FICA_WCT FI Funds Management Within One Funds Center

F_FMBU_ACC FI Budgeting: Account Assignment

F_FMMD_MES FI Funds Management: Funded Program (Authorization Group)

F_FMRE_BLK AAAA Funds locking, company code

F_FMRE_COM AAAA Funds commitment, company code

F_FMRE_FOR AAAA Forecast of revenue, company code

F_FMRE_PRE AAAA Funds precommitment, company code

F_FMRE_RES AAAA Funds reservation, company code

F_FMRE_TRA AAAA Funds transfer, company code

F_FUNDSRES FI Earmarked Funds, Funds Transfer

F_GMBU_ACC FI GM Budgeting: Account Assignment

P_CH_PK HR HR-CH: Pension Fund: Account Access

P_DBAU_SKV HR HR: DBAU: Construction pay in Germany - social funds proced.

P_ENCTYPE HR HR: PBC - Financing



These are all the authorization objects available on funds center.

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