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How to require to specify an exchange rate type on F110 ?

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Dear all,

When we use Tcode: F110, by default the exchange rate type M is taken.

But in our case, we would like to use the exchange rate type B.

Is it possible to give a default value for this field ==> B ?

Or how could I force the user to specify a value for this field ?

Thank you for your help

Best regards

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Guess - if you use a specific document type for F110, then default the exchange rate type in OBA7

Thank You,

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Have you read F1 in OBA7 --> The defaulted Exchange Rate Type in Document Type does not work for F110.

The exchange rate type entered here will not have any effect on automatic payment transactions.  Since the document type for automatic payments depends on the payment method, which in turn can be determined by the amount to be paid converted to local currency, you have to determine your local currency amounts prior to selecting the document type.  The selected exchange rate type, then, is not yet known at the time of currency conversion.

In spite of this, it is still possible to preset an exchange rate type for each payment run, independent of document type.