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How to reproduce CO16N?

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We use BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT within Z*report for production order confirmation instead of CO11N.

We constantly have entries in CO16N like:

"Order 123 is already being processed by user A". or  "Reservation XXX is already being processed".

But it is not possible to reproduce it. If I use at the same time the same production order for confirmation, system even does not allow to confirm, giving message that the Production order is locked be user.


Are the any ways to get entries into CO16N for test purposes?

Thanks you.


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Hi Robert,

Yes, you are right - job CORUPROC are in use. Now it makes sense why we have locking entries in CO16N. Thanks.

So now we need to avoid stuck entries in CO1P, when user confirm order in Z* program.

You suggest to use BAPI ENQUEUE_READ to return errors for CO1P locks, right?

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I would readout the BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT > RETURN (Stucture: BAPIRET1) here you will find the Response..of your Request..