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How to reprocess Incomplete Archiving Sessions

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Hi All,

We processed Write, Index and Delete Job for one of the custom object. After completion of the entire process system shows "Incomplete Archiving Sessions" in Management tab.

If we try to run a new job for the same object via SARA, we are getting below error message-

"There are still incomplete archiving sessions.

As long as there are incomplete archiving sessions, there is the risk that data is archived more than once as not all archived data was processed by the relevant delete program. You should take this into account before you proceed."

How to reprocess the old job which is in showing in "Incomplete Archiving Session"

Please Advice,

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Nilesh,

did you try setting up the delete job in SWW_SARA?

br, Hanne

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Thanks Hanne,

Few more info in this issue,

Checked data in Read tab and downloaded the archived data for comparison.

We found there are two file created on different dates, and the latest file which got created has same data of the first run and few more records

For Example: File 1 dated: 11/04/2015 has records 44125

                     File 2 dated: 11/05/2015 has records 46251 ( Same records of job 11/04 + 2126 new records)

If we run delete job via SARA or SWW_SARA will it create any data inconsistency in the server has there is same data in both files.

I am not sure what is the difference if we schedule a delete job using program RSARCHD/SARA with SWW_SARA

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Since you have not run delete yet, please proceed as follows:

1) invalid the 2 archives

2) re-run the archive

3) run delete job immediately.

Please let me know the outcome.