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How to remove inconsistent Document Number from Group Reporting

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Hello Experts,

We have some inconsistent Document Numbers(30000xx4) which has invalid entries in Group Reporting, we see those entries in Display Group Journal Entries app, how to remove those entries from Group Reporting, because of these entries Calculate Net Income task is getting failed.

Kindly advise on this issue please.



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Answers (2)

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If you like to remove the document, post reversal of those documents via flatfile or journals.

Please do not use removal of fs item mapping in prod as it would delete all records if not handled carefully and not recommend approach for prod

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Hey Shabbir,

This is what SAP suggests for deletion of the data released from universal journal:

This is not supported. However, for testing purpose or in exceptional case, we can use this workaround for deletion of released data:

  1. Ensure that the Release Universal Journals task is not executed for the same consolidation unit by anyone else.
  2. Delete the current assignment of FS item mappings in the Assign FS Item Mappings app. A warning displays that the mapping may already be used in transactional data. This warning needs to be accepted.
  3. Release the data again for the respective consolidation unit in Data Monitor. Make sure you execute this step only for the desired consolidation unit and period.
  4. Create the FS item mapping assignment that you deleted in step 1 again in the Assign FS Item Mappings app.
  5. However, this workaround affects all consolidation units, therefore, you must be very careful to release data only for the consolidation units for which you want to reset the earlier released data.


Kind Regards,