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How to raise a oss note in service market place.

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Hi Everybody,

  Can any body help me raise a query to SAP through SAP service market place.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Creation of OSS Message to SAP

Login to by using the link:

A prompt will appear asking for digital certificate authenticity.

Select ok with message


Login by providing the credentials:

Username: S000*******

Password: ******


Login by providing the credentials again:



After Logging in: select Report a product error to raise the issue


In the following page opens after selecting Report a product error:


You will find 4 options:

1.     Choose system 2. Propose solution 3. Find Solution 4. Enter Message.

1.     Choose system:  

From Customer Dropdown list: Select your company


           From Product Dropdown list: select your SAP package


From Installation Dropdown list: Select the version for e.g.(0020243307 / J&J EDWA - SAP BI 7.0 (NW04S))


Enter the "box name" in System id box & Select Search


After search was performed, you can find your system name.


Select the system for which you want to create a message:


After selecting your system name  you will be prompted to propose solution screen below


2.  Propose solution

In Propose solution search: Enter Appropriate search term and select enter

Select appropriate component from Component list.

If you can know the component name, select it by using search option.

If you donu2019t know select the appropriate one from the list provided and select the component.

If it is BW related then select BW-WHM Data Warehouse Management from BW u2013 SAP Business information ware house


After selecting Enter - you will be prompted to find solution screen:


3. Find Solution

In Find Solution: You can use any of the search terms or SAP Notes helpful for you from the list of search terms and SAP Notes displayed and find the solution.

If no solution found .you can create a message to SAP

4. Enter Message: Select Create message

Enter Appropriate Short text and Long Text of the issue in the below Create message screen

Also provide contact details of the person who raised the issue in Long text

Enter the Error message numbers of the issue.

Provide the unique file name in the Attachment box, browse and upload the file

Select send message  and  the will be sent to sap message

Select inbox to check the messages sent to SAP

Closing of OSS Message

Select the OSS message from inbox or sent items

Provide the appropriate details in the information box and select Request to Close message

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Thanks a lot Gaurav

Content very helpful

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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If you are Licensed user of SAP, youcan mail SAP and ask for the help for specific problem. Even u can call them  Just login to and log in with ur Id and go to help section.You should have Service id for that. If not then u can create in in the website also by using ur License number or installation number which u can find from Menu --> System --> status.


2. Help & Support tab -> report product error.

3. Choose the system in which you have problem.

4. Provide a serch term for your problem. It will list out a series of notes. If this does not solve your issue . Press on "Create message" and provide the details

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login in Service market place.  click on help and support >>> report product error>>> and follow the instructions