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How to process CDS view retrieve duplicate data and what settings need to be checked?

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How to process CDS view retrieve duplicate data and what settings need to be checked?

The CDS views used are as follows: I_SupplierInvoiceAPI01, I_SuplrInvcItmAcctAssgmtAPI01, I Supplier: Supplier, I_SuplrInvcItemPurOrdRefAPI01, I_PurOrdAccountAssignmentAPI01.

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Jan 31, 2020 ... Examples/Data/Images this Blog is from SAP internal systems, ... Click on find with Customer 1000067, all the customer contacts will be ... between Contact Person ID and Contact BP ID via CDS Views? ... Views. First make use of I_BUSINESSPARTNER CDS View to determine all Customers in the System.

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It also provides the capability to display prediction journal entries along with ... Asset Accounting - Group Ledger IFRS - This process is an additional scope item to ... scope item provides procurement-related CDS views to leverage extensibility and ... Consolidation for Product, you can load master data and detect duplicates.