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How to print out about 400 already external sent invoices? VF31 not working.

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Dear all,

I would need your help.

I have about 400 invoices which where already sent to the customers via "external send" so e-mail. This is ok, but now the customer service needs this invoices also printed, which is very urgent.

To do it manually via VF02, change output medium, save and so on, would be a lot of work!

Is there a possibility at all to do it automatically - so less work?

I found out Transaction VF31 - where I thought it could  be possible to print out the already send invoices.

I have choosen following in VF31

Output type: ZXXX

Transmission medium: 1 for Print out

Sort order: 01

Processing mode: 2

But if i would execute the transaction, only invoices are displayed, which where printed out - I also can reprint those ones.

But the customer service wants to print out the ones, which where already sent by mail to the customer...

Thank you very much for your help.

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Answers (3)

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Hello Thomas,

I believe you should create CATT or LSMW to trigger/add output type in bulk invoice.

After adding output type in invoices you can use VF31 to execute the output.


Prashant sharma

Former Member
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Yes as Jelena correctly mentioned, there needs to be an output with the medium as 1 Print output to use VF31 for mass output repeat/process. What I understand is there is an output with the medium as 5 External Send and the emails were sent. What you need is to print these Invoices for which emails were sent. Hence, the only option I find other than manual activity is to write a custom program and print them.

If this will be a repetitive requirement from customer, try to configure a new medium for the same output type as 1 Print output and accordingly set the condition records. You can then use print the Invoices immediately or in mass when needed.

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To my knowledge, there is no transaction for this. As you noted, VF31 can only be used to repeat the same output. But what you seem to require is to issue a new output with Print medium for the documents that already have a processed output with another medium. Normally, the billing output types are set up without "multiple issuing" checkbox, so that setting would likely prevent such mass output generation to begin with.

You can check package VN where all the output stuff is, I didn't see any suitable programs or transactions there. Of course, you could write a short custom program, but that would probably take more time than manually repeating even 400 invoices.

Questions about repeating output have been asked many times on SCN before but I'm afraid you won't find any different answers.