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How to preventing switching to Update mode

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Hi all,

I have an UDO form with a matrix with a "Total" field below the matrix , which shows a sum of a certain column.

While data browsing, I update that field's value for each record. (I catch et_DATASOURCE_LOAD event and calculate the total.)

<u><b>The problem is :</b></u>

After calculating and updating that field, form mode switches to <b>Update mode</b> <b>although I don't change the record values</b>.

I tried to switch to OK mode per code after assigning a value to Total Editbox. But then, since real data changes on record values trigger <b>et_DATASOURCE_LOAD</b>, <u>my changes on record aren't updated in database</u>.

How can I prevent the switch to Update mode after calculating the total field, without losing the ability to update record changes ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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just a idea,

can you try to set the AffectsFormMode setting of the calculation box to 0.

myItem.AffectsFormMode = 0

Hope it works


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That idea worked

Thanks Sebastien !

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