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How to populate the sales order as a cost object in cost element posting

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When posting sales to a cost element the error comes up stating Account ******** requires an assignment to a CO object.

This comes from the sales (repair) order and I would like to pass the sales order and line as a cost object.

Could someone please tell me where I would make the configuration to pass that into the accounting document?

Thank you,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your requirement class settings must allow sales order as a cost object

1. Go to sale order, procurement tab

2. Check whats the req type

3. Go to OVZH and check whats the req class assigned to this req type

4. Go to OVZG and check whats the acount assignment cateory in req class

5. The account assignment catg shud have consumption posting field as E


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Thank you Ajay,

you have solved my problem, I was able to post. Now I believe all I have to do is to set the item category to use that requirement type in Assignment of Requirement Types to Transaction in SPRO.

Thanks for you help!


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