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How to overrite the deduction rule for absence quota in infotype 2006

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Hi All,

We have put a deduction rule for annual leave in infotype 2006, where in if a employee apply for half day leave on a saturday through infotype 2001, 0.5 day would be deducted from his annual leave quota in infotype 2006.

This rule should be valid for 12 saturdays. However if he applies for half day leave on saturday for 13th time and onwards, 1 day should be deducted from annual leave quota.

This check for 13th saturday and above works fine for infotype 2001. I have implement that code in ZXPADU02. But in IT 2006, it still deduct only 0.5 days, instead of 1 day for 13th saturday leave and onward.

I tried to update IT 2006 using "HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION" ( copied it into 'Z" function module and then made it RFC enabled). However the deduction rule overite the changes made by the function module.

Still for 13th saturday and onward only 0.5 days are getting deducted.

I wanted to ask you all, is there any way to over rite the Standard deduction rule after a particular point while update intotype 2006

However from 13th saturday, if he takes a half day, it would be counted as 1 day.

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Answers (2)

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Thanks for the information Kapil.

I can create the addition leave type. Can you also give me a BADI or a userexit where i need to write the code to pick the leave type in case of 13th saturday and onwards.



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This u can do via creating a new leave type for Saturday with Quota 12 Days when employee will apply for 13th time system will deduct the quota from other quotas for that you have to define the conditions .

This can be don via other ways as well.

Warm Regards,

Kapil Kaushal