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How to merge company codes

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Dear Friends

i have one complex issue we need to merge with company codes, how, what are the step need to follow

1, we have 3 company code like 2000, 2100, 2200 but need to merge with 2100 and 2200 to 2000 company code

2, Chart of account is same all the company code

3, Controlling area is same all the company code

4, GL, Customer and vendor is same number up to 95% all the three company code

5, same similar business in all the company code, we are using SAP near 7 years

Please suggest how to merge



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Answers (2)

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first of all there is no merge in SAP, but you can still solve this problem by determining a dead line for 2100 and 2200, after that date you can use 2000.But there are lots of work in there other then SAP-FICO   you have to transfer entire datas from 2100 and 2200 to 2000. In this situation make a consultant team(SD,MM,PP modules consultants etc.) for your needs and work together.

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Dear Mustafa

okay there is no Merge option in SAP. explain me briefly  how to post transfer entry between company codes

Please support as experts...



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I do not know the full process but in my expertise I could try to explain it. first of all you need to transfer master data about FI modules, which are GL accounts, assets, vendor and customer master(company code data),

for asset transfer you can use this path : IMG --> Financial Accounting --> Asset Accounting -- transaction --> inter company asset transfer

and you have to expand vendors and customers too( which are not in the company code 2000) you can upload an expanding patch by using LSMW direct input

also you have to transfer MM and PP mastar datas too.

as my research shows me that :

MM-Define ->Organisation structures - Company,Plants,Storage location,Purchasing Organisation,Purchasing groups,Pricing procedures,etc

MM- Extend-> Material master to another company code.

PP->Create BOM,Routings,Work centers

This is all I can tell you about it . As you see it seems a project to be done, best way to solve this working consultants with different expertise. Also, legal requirements needs has to be done too. I hope this is helpfull for you.

Best regards.