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How to Mass change cost centers for assets

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Dear All,

I have change the cost centers for about 1500 assets. I am not sure if there is an easy way to do it. Is there any way to get this list in excel and upload?

I am using ECC 6.0 (I think CATS could not be used.. but I might be wrong). Thanks in adv for your help.


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I hope the above given suggestions will not fullfill your requirement,

Do follow the below steps for carrying out mass change of cost centers in asset master data.

Enter t.code-AR01 - Generate

Enter your Co.code and the assets numbers for which the cost centers have to be changed and execute.

In the next screen select Create worklist (CntrlShiftF8)

Give the worlist a Name and select-Change asset w/o dialog (bulk change) and press enter,from the next pop up select create Substitution,where you will be taken to creation of Substitution rule.

Write a Substitution as per requirement and assisn the same to your company code.

Where you will be prompted with a message "Work queue XXXXXXXX added".

Now enter into AR31 - Edit and release the woklist and see that your mass change of cost centers is carried out.

hope this might help you in doing mass change of cost centers in asset master record.

Good Luck


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