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how to map sample sales process in sd

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Hi experts,

How map sample sales in sd

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As Laxmipathi suggested please search, you will get lot of information.

You can map as FOC orders for samples, with order reason "Samples", where in sale sorder no price and post post all costs to accounts.

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Hi lakshmipathi,

we are maintained same material for sample and selling purpose

I mean we are maintaining PR00 condition records in vk11 for same material

but i am selecting doc type FD and order reason FOC, here price is redetermined it shows price in sale order

For some sample materials we are not maintaining PR00 condition records in vk11 for this material in sales order price is zero


Amar Reddy

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check your item categroy in VOV7, wehther its "X" in pricing? if yes, remove the same.