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How to manage two credit limits for one customer in same sales area ?

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Hi everyone, 

I want to manage two credit limits for the same customer in one sales area , I’ve created two credit controls area and two credit segment ( ZY01 ) (ZY02) . 
Let say we create a sales order with two items ( A = finished good ) , item b ( packaging) , the requirement is item A should fallow the first segment ZY01 and the item B with the segment ZY02 … 

If any checks failed system would block sales order creation. 

Ps : item A and b have different item category 


hope it was clear 


thanks . 

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How system differentiate between these two materials at customer level. Credit limit is based on the Customer not the material master. I would not recommend this Business requirement

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Ur right , let me give a quick exemple for this case :

let say the customer have two credit limits one for finished good segment 1 = 10000 eur 

the 2nd one for packaging ( pallet , bottle ) segment 2 = 5000 eur 

We create a sales order for this customer the requirements is that the système should check both credit limits if any one failed système throw error .. that’s why I said we gonna use two item cat for finished good and packaging