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How to make vendor in language independent ?

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LOOP AT lt_purch_order_partners ASSIGNING FIELD-SYMBOL(<ls_purch_order_partner>).

CLEAR ls_po_partner.
IF ( <ls_purch_order_partner>-partnerdesc NE 'VN' AND <ls_purch_order_partner>-partnerdesc NE 'LF' ).
ls_po_partner-po_number = ls_purch_order_header-po_number.
ls_po_partner-bp_id = <ls_purch_order_partner>-buspartno.
ls_po_partner-partner_function = <ls_purch_order_partner>-partnerdesc.
* ls_po_partners-default_partner = ls_purch_order_partner-.
APPEND ls_po_partner TO lt_po_partners.

The list lt_purch_order_partners is a return table from the bapi_po_getdetail1. There you get information to a specific purchase order, for example about the parnter name, partner fancution etc.

Our problem is that we want to filter out all partners with the partner function vendor. The problem is that partner function is returned in the language in that it is created. So the partner function 'vn' and 'lf' are basicially the same but in antoher language. The thing is that we can't filter out 25 diffrent languages by hand. Does any one have an idea how to avoid this.

Kind regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello rafi07

Get the unified values from table TPAUM first. Below SQL will replace the language dependent description with the non-dependent.

SELECT b~parvw, a~langu, a~buspartno, a~delete_ind
  FROM @lt_po_partner AS a
  JOIN tpaum AS n
    ON b~spras = a~langu
    AND b~pabez = a~partnerdesc.
Kind regards,

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