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How to make the price in PO to adopt from info-record and not changeable?

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Hi Xperts,

Can somebody explain to me how to set the PO price to be adopted from the info-record and is NOT CHANGEABLE at the creation and change of PO screen. I know that i can configure the field selection for the PO type to be "price as display" only. Any other solution?


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tick the check box info-update at the item detail under master data tab in a PO.

its significance is as follows:-

Info record update

Determines whether the prices and conditions of this purchase order item

are suggested in future PO items.


Selecting InfoUpdate causes one of the following situations to occur:

- If just one info record (with or without plant) exists, it is


- If no info record exists and "plant condition requirement" was

specified in Customizing, an info record with plant is created.

Otherwise, an info record without plant is created.

- If two info records exist (that is, one info record with plant

and one without plant) the info record with plant is updated.


You can specify that prices and conditions in purchasing info records

are only allowed at plant level in the Purchasing IMG, under Conditions

-> Define Condition Control at Plant Level.

Hope this helps you,



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Goto M/06 and select your condition, now in Changes can be made area make MANUAL ENTRIES as

D Not possible to process manually

Also in your pricing scema i.e. at m/08 make your condition as MANDATORY and deselect manual and staticle

To pick up price for the perticuler condition you need to maintain PURCHASE INFO RECORD in ME11

Hope this will solve your problem


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Thanks Wish,

still it is changeable at line item (price field), only blocked at condition tab

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Along with the above Setting

Go to

Spro>Materials Management>Purchasing>Purchase Order>Define Document Types

Here check the "Field Selection Key" against the PO doc type

(ex: Standard NB doc type the "Field Selection Key" would be "NBF")

Then go to

Spro>Materials Management>Purchasing>Purchase Order>Define Screen Layout at Document Level

Select the " Field Selection Key" of ur doc type..Just Double click on that

then click on "Quantity & Price ", there you can see the "Price and price unit" field..

Here tick the field "Display", So that You can get this field in Display mode in ME21N trx...

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Thanks all,

So can i conclude that, whenever user wants the price to be adopted from contract or info-record or any other source list, we must configure:

1. The condition type (tranx M/06) at manual entries as B or D.

2. Also configure the field selection for the doc. type (price field) as display.

Thanks again.

Enjoy SAP!!

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In condition type control data under the tab "changes which can be made">manual entries- you select B: The automatic entry has priority. If a condition record exists, the condition cannot be entered manually.

Hope this will solve your question.


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Thanks a lot Manohar Raju and Pdr Peduru.

The price in info-record is adopted in Contract and PO creation, but it still changeable (at line item - price field) eventhough the condition has been fixed as B or D. This setting only avoid us from changing the at condition tab (PB00) field.

Does this means that when setting condition PB00 as B or D, the field price at the PO or contract document type must also configured as display only?

Thanks again.

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Go to M/06 trxn...

and for PB00 Cond type attributes ,in the "Manual entries" field choose D for Not possible to process manually

and Save...

So that you can not change the price during PO creation