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How to make MTO order consume the PIR when release MTO SO.

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Dear Guru's,

The strategy group of Material A is 40(MTS). The planners will create PIR for it. But sometimes, there're some MTO order for A. The planners want to consume the PIR when salesman release the MTO sales order.

How can we do it? Could we configure new strategy for this requirement?

I tried to solve several days by creating new requirement class, requirement type, item category at SO, etc. But I couldn't solve it.

Please help me!

Thank you.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Your requirement is actually against the concept of planning strategy 40. If MTO, then there shouldn't be any forecast consumption. It is not possible to link two PIR requirement type (VSF) to two different requirement class in the standard system.

You either maintain separate PIR requirement type for MTS (40) and MTO (50 for example). Or you may want to explore BADI MD_PIR_FLEX_CONS.

Hope it helps.

Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi everybody,

I think I need to make more clear for my requirement.

Material A should have the main strategy 40. That means we cand create forecast(PIR) and covert the planned order into production order.

But when we receive the MTO sales order and release it. the MTO quantity can consume the PIR automatically. So that we do not purchase more raw materials.

For example,

Material A PIR as below

2011/03/05 10- pcs

2011/03/12 20- pcs

Then there will be two planned order as below:

2011/03/05 PldOrd 1001 10pcs

2011/03/12 PldOrd 1002 20pcs

At 2011/03/08, we create a MTO sales order with 13pcs and release it (order number=23). After MRP run, we hope this MTO order can consume the PIR. as below:

2011/03/08 PlnOrd 1003/SO 13 pcs

2011/03/08 CusOrd 23 13- pcs

2011/03/12 VSF 7- pcs

2011/03/12 PldOrd 1002 7 pcs

Do you understand what I want?

Please tell me what I can do. Thank you in advance!

Best Regards,


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By MTO order are you referring to strategy groups in SAP which are defined for MTO flows?

If yes, then I am a little perplexed by your business need.

The business need which you provide works just fine with stg. grp 40. You don't need to do any changes to it or make the solution complex by trying to incorporate any MTO stg. grp's..

If you want fwd. cons. first followed by bwd. then select 4 in cons. mode.

I would suggest do a test in your sandbox with the settings mentioned in this n the previous posting.

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there is no need to configure new strategy.... In strategy 40 the incoming saleorders consume already existing PIR's based on the consumption strategy and consumption periods set in the material master. Plz check in the material master for these values and then revert.

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Yes ,

I am agree with vivek`s answer.

Eg. you have 50 units PIR quantity of material A created in the system as 5 quantities each day for first 10 days of March. If there is sales order of 5 units on suppose 11 march then it will consume (backwards) the PIR quantity and reduce the PIR quantity by 5. Now remaining PIR is of 45 units.But for this you need to set consumption strategy and respectively backward & forward consumption periods . In above case the backward consumption period may be 1 day. then It will reduce the PIR quantity of 10 march.

Hope it will clear your query

thanks and regards,


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Don't know what you mean by an MTO order for A.

Anyways if the stg. grp is 40 & if you have PIR's loaded & if you create a SO for this material, then SO demand will consume the unconsumed PIR's depending on the values maint. in MRP-3 view (Cons. mode, bwd / fwd values).

If the consumption is not taking place, then check those values in MRP-3 view.

Hope the above is clear, else please upload screenshots of the SO (procurement tab, schedule lines views), MRP3 view from mtl master & MD04 to some portal n paste link here.