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How to make an e-mail triggered to the customer in FB70

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Can you please advise as to how to enable system to trigger an e-mail when we process the customer invoice using FB70 transaction code. This is our business requirement. You are quick reply is much appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Environment => Correspondence

Select your correspondence

Give required details.

Then go to F.61


Go to SP02 to print.

Before doing this make sure you have required configuration in your system.

Check your configuration.

Please follow the following steps:

IMG ==> Financial Accounting ==> Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables ==> Customer Accounts ==> Line Items ==> Correspondence ==> Make and Check Settings for Correspondence

Define Correspondence Types

Create Report Variants for Correspondence

Assign Programs for Correspondence Types

Define Form Names for Correspondence Print (even you assign your form to blank company code also)

If you complete these steps you will get the spool request get generated.

You go to FB12 - request for the statement

then go to F.61

Then go to SP02 - Take print out.



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Ravi

I have tried to configure correspondence type as you explained, I have made following steps

- define correspondence type via coping sap19 into zap20

-create report variant for correspondence - selected sapf140 program which is used for transactions f.61 and created variant zap20

-assigned program for correspondence types.

we already have sap script form for invoice called zinvoice03

but when I am trying to 'difne form name for correspondence print

sap does not let me use sapf140 and it gives message 'specify the key within the work area'

so can you please advise what shall I do to overcome this error,

and please advise if it is possible to email invoices via fb70, we have all the required config done on transaction scot

Looking forward to hear from you.

Many Thanks

Sam Rathod