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how to make a relationship with the portal Id with R/3 Id

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Hi Experts,

We have developed a portal application and assigned the role to the User.

In R/3 where we can integrate the details.If we maintainin IT 0105 communication,will it suufice the need.

Please advice.



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When u assign user id "ABCD" in IT 0105 STY 0001 to the employee - u are only telling the system that the user id "ADCB" belongs to the that employee , the roles and authorisation associated to this user id " ABCD" further needs to be defined in Tcode SU01.

If you are unure of this - Please take support from your security consultant.


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Hi Vikram,

And I add by saying that:

1. The user from the portal have the portal roles (access to portal applications)

2. This same user have the roles, groups and profiles on the backend to permit or deny access to the authorization objects (which permit access to ITs on the HR and tables)

3. The Pernr that you assign this user via IT0105 STy0001, is used on the org structure.

Hope I contributed.