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How to make a matrix disable on a purchase order?

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I want to make the matrix non-editable on the purchase order form.

when I do it through code and make all the columns editable=false then it works,but when i again make them editable = true to fill the records then it gives an exception that the item is not a user defined item

So,how can i make the matrix non-editable or disable?

pls help

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I think, if you really need such a behavior (i.e. are you sure or you cannot convince the customer(?) to change the requirement) then I can think of 2 options for workarounds:

1) capture all events which potentially could lead to a matrix cell getting focus - like <tab>, <click> etc. - and block them (BubbleEVent = False)

2) change the pane level of the matrix (FromPane / ToPane) to some value like 100 so that it doesn't get displayed (eventually (or instead) show a nice picture instead saying "out-of-order" or so (or display a duplicate of the matrix))

I don't think there are more options, but maybe I am wrong...

Anyway, I propose that you ask <u>why</u> this requirement "exists" and eventually try to get rid of it.



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