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How to link two catalogs in SAP PM.

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Hello forum.

I have a question about the catalogs for notifications in SAP PM.

We need to link two catalogs (from the same catalog profile). The goal is that when you choose a code from the first catalog, the second catalog only shows certain codes established in advance .


The lines with numbers (1 - 2) represents codes from the first catalog. The letters (a,b,c,d) represents codes from the second catalog. If you choose the first option from the first catalog (1.Losse oil pump mounting screws or misaligned oil pump shaf), the second catalog only will display two options: the a) and the b)


1.Losse oil pump mounting screws or misaligned oil pump shaft

a.Torque the oil pump mouning screws as specified. Make sure all mounting surfaces are free of debris and are not deformed (PMFP12)

b.Replace the coupling insert (PMFP13)


2.Loose motor or oil pump coupling halves

c.Check alignment and torque of motor and oil pump coupling halves. Make sure there is no obstruction. Replace coupling insert (PMFP14)

d.Adjust the coupling halves and torque the set screws on the coupling halves (PMFP15)


We need to know how to make a relationship between those catalogs. Depending what you choose from the first catalog, you will have different options from the second catalog.

We look forward to your support community!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Have a look at user-exit QQMA0015 (User-Exit before Call-Up of F4 Help on Catalogs) via transaction SMOD.


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