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How to Link equipments(PM) in a Settlement from AUC to Final Fixed Asset

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Hi All,

I need your help with an integration problem between AA, CO and PM.

This is the scenario:

We are buying equipments that should not be capitaliazed until deliver them to the customer so to support this we do the following flow:

1. Create an sheduling agreement for the whole year with and AUC and a statistical Internal Order.

2. We create a 'Good receipt' for purchasing equipments(PM) againts the scheduking agreement. At this time we store the equipments in a specific storage location and those equipments are not capitalized. The equipments are create automatically.

3. We deliver the equipments to the customer, not necessarily all purchased equipments.

4. Monthly we have to capitalize the equipments that were delivered to the customer so we create a final fixed asset and execute the settlement of the AUC againts that final fixed.(First AIAB to create settlement rule and then AIBU to distribute)


When we execute AIAB for the step 4 we can not link the equipments with the final fixed asset, in the settlement rule we have to calculate manually the percentage or the amount that shoul be settle according to the equipments that were deliver to the customer, but we would like to:

1. Link the equipments to the final fixed asset.

2. Update the material and quantity in the FI posting line item.

3. Update the quantity field in the final fixed asset master record automatically.

Do you have any idea?

Many thanks in advance.

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Answers (2)

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Please check in the screen layout for Asset Master. I think the equipment field is available.

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Hi Friends,

Any idea?.