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How to join LQUA with MLGT

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I want to set up a query based on LQUA and MLGT.

When I only use LQUA as infoset all is fine. Now I need to extend and join it with  MLGT. Then  I only get a few records as output.

So I guess it is up to the selection. Is it doable?

Thx. for input



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Hi Thomas,

I guess you want to link LQUA with MLGT by material number...of course you can. But can you please check that the materials have the WM view open at storage type level (MLGT) and not only at warehouse number level (MLGN)?

Let me/us know



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Hi Claudio,

the purpose was: I wanted to report stock in certain storage types (LQUA) and then:

Do these materials have an MLGT-entry, the have their "own" imaginations. But when I joined additionally MLGT (after LQUA + MLGN) I got scratch as output.

In the meantime I solved it (hopefully) like this:

Download of all tables: LQUA, MLGN, MLGT into Excel, from there into Access and then a query.

I guess it is satisfaying for the requester.